Tantric sex is an ancient form of sexual yoga, part of the Hindu and Buddhist tantric tradition. It is generally associated with impure and antinomian elements. During a tantric session, the couple may engage in alcohol consumption and may offer impure substances to deities. If you’re curious, read on. The tantric experience can be transformative for both partners.

Yab-yum position

The Yab-Yum position is an iconic Tantric sex position that connects man and woman. In this position, one partner sits cross-legged while the other rests on the other’s lap, ankles crossed behind the back. The two sit on each other’s lap and face each other. The Yab-Yum position promotes mutual awareness, alignment of the seven chakras, and allows partners to gaze into each other’s eyes and feel each other’s breath.

This position is most effective during slow penetration and involves eye contact. To get the most out of this posture, begin by gazing softly into each other’s eyes. Remember that your subconscious mind is a powerful storehouse of stored memories. Do not let sexual energy control your actions. Instead, diffuse it with the right tools. Yab-Yum posture encourages natural sexual energy. By using a little bit of effort and time, you can experience this incredibly rewarding sex.

The Yab-Yum position is also known as the Lotus sex position. The Lotus sex position is similar, but there are important differences. Tantric sex positions focus on chakra-balancing. When the sacral chakra is balanced, the body can experience sexual expansion, and vice versa. This position also promotes the growth of the sexuality. And with so many benefits, it’s definitely worth a try!

As with other tantric positions, the Yab-Yum can be used to achieve similar goals. A few variations may include placing one’s hand against the other’s heart chakra, or placing the other’s hand on the top of the spoon. During the Yab-Yum position, a partner should stay close and share the breath while kissing. In this way, the kisser should feel each sensation thoroughly and deeply.

Conscious touch

Practicing conscious touch during tantric sex is not difficult. Just be sure that both partners stay in the moment and are aware of each other’s physical touch. Tantric positions allow for full-body sex, as well as eye contact and breathing. It is also essential to be mindful of one’s body and how it’s affected by different kinds of touch. Here are some tips.

Tantric sex can be extremely healing and transcendent. By balancing the sexual energy with the heart, spirit, and good things in life, tantric sex opens up the doors to the sublime. Through a tantric sex experience, you will release negative self-judgments and commune with humanity. The results will be life-altering. You may even reach enlightenment.

The goal of tantric touch is to connect with your partner’s heart and relax into the sexual energy. Unlike conditioning, tantric touch helps you stay present. Instead of going into action, you bring your sexual energy to your partner’s heart. Breathing deeply while you are in the moment will help you stay in the moment. This is important for tantric sex, as it promotes a greater desire for sex and greater health.

In tantric sex, you will engage in a game of energy with the other person. During this game, the two of you will learn to navigate each other’s physical and emotional interactions and create an environment where you can express yourself authentically. Conscious touch can be a delicious and fulfilling experience anytime. There is no reason why you should avoid it, especially if you want to enjoy sensuality with your partner.


In tantric sexuality, breathing techniques are a vital part of the ritual. While the endgame is usually masturbation, there are many other ways to express your desire. These techniques include eye gazing and hand-on-heart circuits. The “hands-on-heart” circuit deepens the relationship between the partner and the body and increases sexual arousal. The endgame can vary according to the couple’s preferences.

Breathwork is a part of the Tantric practice and can be used for self-pleasure as well as partnered sexual play. Breathwork involves exhaling and inhaling in a manner that activates the vagus nerve, which is one of four pathways for sensual energy. Exhaling deeply through the mouth can also awaken the body to sensuality. Breathing through the mouth allows the breath to vibrate the vocal cords, allowing the person to feel more deeply.

Before initiating tantric sexuality, find a quiet place to perform your breathwork exercises. Find a comfortable space. Make sure your partner feels comfortable, but remember to do so in an intimate environment. While practicing tantric sex, you must remember to relax and tune into your partner’s body. You should synchronize your breathwork with your partner’s breathing so that you can achieve a deeper connection.

While tantric sex is a religious practice, it is also a form of yoga that promotes holistic wellness. The goal of tantric sex is to focus on the mind and body connection and release expectations. Breathwork exercises help you center yourself in the present moment and harness your sexual energy. When you perform tantric breathing techniques, you will experience a more pleasurable sex with your partner.

Deeper intimacy

For both men and women, tantric sex can enhance the intimate experience. It promotes mindfulness during sexual intercourse. We can all have so many distractions that our thoughts and feelings can sometimes interfere with our ability to fully enjoy the act. Tantric sex teaches us how to center ourselves in the present moment and harness our sexual energy for greater pleasure. The benefits of tantric sex are many and varied.

Tantric sex is a form of sexual interplay in which the male and female energies are synchronized. This alignment allows sparks of interpersonal magic to fly. Sex becomes healing, transcendent and profoundly beautiful. There are several tantric positions. Learn which one you feel most comfortable with and begin the process today. If you are curious about which one works best for you and your partner, begin with this tantric yoga session.

Before you begin a tantric sex session, prepare your surroundings. Make sure you’re in a dimly lit room, with a comfortable temperature. You can even dim the lights, light a scented candle, and play relaxing music. The environment also plays an important role in tantric sex, as it encourages both partners to be aware of the moment. To prepare the mood for tantric sex, use your own body language to focus on your partner’s body and breathe together. You can also practice this technique by putting on your best yoga pants and hat, and facing one another.

Tantric sex is more intimate than ever before. This sexual style emphasizes mindfulness and deep connection. While many people put off the orgasm, this is the key to making a tantric sex experience as fulfilling as possible. You and your partner can even find yourself enjoying each other more than ever. You’ll experience the best sex ever by trying tantric sex. There’s no better way to make your partner happy!

Guilt-free experience

The end game of tantric sex is a guilt-free experience because it’s entirely voluntary. When engaged in sex, couples relax and feel their emotions. They notice any tension or tightness in their bodies, and breath deeply into it to soften it. This process not only aims to increase sexual arousal, it’s also great for mental and emotional health. The end game of tantric sex isn’t always masturbation – instead, it’s an experience of arousal that’s completely voluntary.

In addition to being a guilt-free experience, tantric sex also promotes mental and spiritual wellness. It’s possible to enjoy a seven-hour lovemaking session with your partner and never experience an orgasm. The main goal of tantric sex is to experience deep sexual pleasure without guilt, and that means letting go of any expectations. It’s easy to forget that the goal of sex is to achieve orgasm, which can hinder or prevent the sexual experience.

Tantric sex is an expression of love, and it can be anything. It can include “normal” sex as long as it is from the heart. Tantra transcends ego, love, and devotion. The end goal of tantric sex is not to achieve orgasm, but to have an experience of deep connection with your partner. Consequently, it can help you create new and deeper experiences with your partner. In addition, some people say that they feel more connected with their partner during their sex sessions.

Tantric sex does not end in penetration. It starts in the yab-yum position, which represents the union of the feminine and masculine energies. The penetrative partner sits cross-legged while the receptive partner wraps her legs around her lower back. During tantric sex, couples can use lubes or sex toys to enhance the experience.